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it's 6:42 and i should not be up. i should be sleeping and getting up at ten, like usual. This is not fun. Well...on a happier note, yankees won last nite 5-3..which is good, so now i'll be happy :-D...

well..yea im gonna go eat breakfast and then like watch tv and then go to the bus stop..ugh. Haha...update when i get home.


  yesterday....momma took me to bobs and i got three pairs of jeans, and now im sure we will go shopping in boston this weekend when we go up to see danielle and sleep over and everythin. gooood times....so then dad picked me up and we got ice cream and then i came home n me n momma went to see enny...they have owls and they are scary..yeaa...well, ima go..byes<3
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