-Me- (porcelainsmile4) wrote,


okay, so the yankees lost last nite 22-0..yea twenty fricken two. And i know ill here from sox fans "oh u guys suck u lost last nite" well...you guys have NO CLASS..atleast we never do that to you. Jeez...and i hate people who are like "i've lost all faith in the yankees" omg they lost a coupla games...your supposed to stay with ur team through hard times, and when they are losing, and i ALSO hate people who..last year, went from a sox fan to a new york fan OVERNIGHT after the yankees beat the sox in the ALCS..just because they wanted to root for a winning team. It's just SO pathetic that ppl have to do that.....

alright..enough about the yankees. Tomorrow is the first day of school which i am excited for cuz this summer sucked. And a whole buncha my friends are in my cluster so thats good.

well...yea, update later.

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