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labor day... =)

soo yea...today i woke up and took a shower...and then we went to the mall, and then to Chuchi Tracey's house. yea..so we got there and then ian begged me to watch him ride his bike on the street, so i did that for a little while. Soo then we went back inside..and just like hung out...and then we went and played baseball with the kids from next door which was so gay...and boring. So then, we had lobster and shrimp for dinner =) and then after we were all sitting in the living room and uncle wayne and bill were arguing about kerry and bush cuz bill is for kerry and uncle wayne is for bush..omg it was hilarious.good times...so then we left, and did my homework, and now im watchin the yankees beat tampa bay...:-D update later...xoxo
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